about us

We are an award-winning, independent agency with a strong presence in the travel, leisure and finance market sectors. Founded in 1998 and based in central London, we are committed to delivering results through incisive consumer insight, excellent design, compelling copy, diligent client service and affordable budgets.

Whether your brand needs an integrated campaign to attract new buyers or you have assets from your international head office that need rolling out in the UK – you can rely on Indigo to take on the challenge and deliver a result you will be delighted with.

indigo clients

Here is a list of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with recently

Backes & Strauss
Connect Digitally
Discover Egypt
Mark Warner
Open Answers
Radar Marketing Software
St Mungos
The Cruise Line
Travel Recipes


If you can turn heads, change perceptions and get results, then the campaign is working. Mark Warner discovered just how good it gets when we created a campaign to give customers ‘more of a holiday’.


From the luxury of online advertising to promote timepieces to the designing content for automated marketing email campaigns you’ll find our team are more than up to the task.


The brand identity create by Indigo to make a strong impact with Local Authorities was a major component of an award-winning communications programme to promote online educational services.



Whether the occasion demands subtle brand support or a screamingly loud SALE – without compromising the brand – we’ll get the tone right, the copy word perfect and deliver designs to meet the brief.